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. and in terms of in the bay area, though, if that happened here. let's say for us, it probably would be, i don't have a crystal ball, but like a major earthquake that would all of a sudden, everything was on safety and you couldn't do it. is there a plan in place? >> absolutely. the metropolitan transportation commission has an emergency evacuation plan, emergency reaction plan. it was used in the 1989 earthquake. >> uh. >> and it was rephoned at that time. there are emergency plans. >> but. >> remember, the emergency plans rely heavily on mass transportation. >> right. >> the highways go down first. >> yeah, if the mass transportation is functioning to a certain point, at some point, if it all stopped as it has done because of sando the east coast, you said it will impact the economy. i would assume that we could not get everything up and running all of a sudden overnight, the same way they dealing with it? >> it will take a month for them to get back into full action. there is a whole study process called business recovery, and the people exercise it here in the state of california. >> yeah.
, use the black and white. a technique where i put up black slip over the white clay and carving through to create that line so you can see the way through the black. >> if i buy this, am i buying it to server to my friends question of. >> no, no. i want you to use it. they are wonderful to use. you can fill the cups twice. i think the tea tastes better. >> and was the rough price range? >> the set is 210 with the two cups. >> i assume you also of a range of prices, because a lot of people are not able to spend $210. these are beautiful. certainly, a collectors item if you have it. if you can't spend that much, there's a variety of things. what is the most inexpensive thing on the table? >> probably this cute little salt. $15. and in front of that you have sushi? >> this is christine's cutting board. this is probably the most expensive thing. it's absolutely or just. >> that's real turquoise in there. >> i don't know if you can see that. hold that one second. so that is real turquoise. what is the price? >> this is about $300. you got some half, fabrics, and things like that. >> these a
into it and help us convince them whatever they have done with the formula, it's not working. >> you think it's because the bumps, perhaps artificially, of maybe young people doing well in silicon valley making us all look richer than we are? >> that can happen. that can drive up the numbers but, unfortunately, doesn't pull along people at the bottom of the income scale. >> how bad are the numbers now. what are you see something. >> in san francisco, we have 200,000 people living at or near the poverty line n. marin county, it's 20, 50,000 people. >> everyone has a artificial notion. we're not. okay. >> it's a wealthy county but not universally so. >> okay. your numbers have not really increased. what about the fiscal cliff? everyone's talking about this right now as we take tape it, it's unsettled and i am sure it will be by the time it airs. it means that people's taxes may go up. people who can afford it and people who can't afford it and maybe they're at the edge already. do you assume that your lines may get longer if the fiscal cliff happens? >> if the -- if we go off of the fiscal cli
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3